Its a long way down….

A long time ago a teenage girl sat around the dining room table with a group of her friends. One of the teens asked the question “What is be the most dangerous thing you would do?”.  One by one, the brave or not so brave teens declared their thrill seeking desires. The girl knew her over protective mother was in the next room certainly eavesdropping. With all the confidence and bravery she could muster she declared “Someday I am going to go skydiving!”

Her mother bolted into the room “Young lady, you get that idea out of head right now. Why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good plane? My God, who knows what could happen to you – you could break a leg! Only idiots do that!” Continue reading


Up Up and Away: From walkers and canes to wicker and propane


Looking into the balloon.

For some of us, common sense is overruled by the need for adventure.  And some of us are lucky enough to have someone to drag with them on these adventures.

Why does one decide to get into a woven basket with a propane gas tank that fires hot air into a nylon balloon?  If the cramped quarters of the basket doesn’t give you pause, the flames shooting up past your head should make you come to your senses and jump out before the hot air lifts you from the safety of the ground. Continue reading


Hello World! Do You Have A Bucket List?

Musings of a golden girl….

This is my first blog post, ever.  Writing a blog is on my bucket list.

I have no idea why other than I love to write and I can never shut my mind off so I thought if I can’t quiet the mind, I might as well put all those thoughts to good use.

So I had to  decide if today’s thoughts are about bucket lists or blogging.  Bucket list wins.

By the way, I hope you have a bucket list. Everyone needs a bucket list.  I have been busy for the past year checking off the items I know I want to complete before my body refuses to cooperate or I die! Continue reading